essence yoga

Essence, the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something that determines its character. Origin: the Latin essentia, and esse ‘be’.

Take a deliciously long, slow breath in. Feel it fill you to the brim, and slowly let the air go, allowing everything to become soft and formless; savouring a little drop of essence.
Your essence. Your nature.

Yin & Yang Yoga,

Essence Yoga is Yang Yoga (dynamic, strengthening, flow) and Yin Yoga (to calm, relax, soften) and also absolute stillness.
At Essence Yoga I share the Mindfulness and Yoga practices as a valuable tool to relieve stress, anxiety and tension.

Menopause Yoga

Understanding the reason for certain changes in our body, mind and emotions is an essential first step in normalizing an often misunderstood and misdiagnosed experience that can even overwhelm and isolate many women. 

Yoga is an incredible tool (at any age) and particularly powerful for women at midlife as it can be adapted to our body and physical condition.

Natural Cosmetics

I collaborate with Ringana, a multi-award winning Austrian company that combines advanced technology with the ancient wisdom of nature to produce vegan cosmetics and raw food supplements.

Products without any synthetic or artificial substances, preservatives or toxins.

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