Yoga is knowing yourself. Like a large tree with a solid trunk and widely spread branches, it grows from a firm base, deeply rooted and stable.
You don’t need a particular body, or special material or even much time. 
I am a being within a body, that is living and breathing thanks to hundreds of wonderful processes that are happening at this very moment in time! And I don’t even have to think about it! Whilst I breathe, I am already whole, because even if my body is in pain, sick, injured or diseased, my body is always looking for balance, and I am aware, alive and present. In fact the more aware and present I am, the more I can influence my experience of this moment in time.  

The practice of conscious breathing and postures (asana) are simply ‘keys’ into the body so I can know myself better by exploring the vast array of physical sensations, emotions and thoughts, making up who I am. Essence Yoga is Yang Yoga (dynamic, strength, flexibility), and Yin Yoga (deep, calming, releasing), and also Absolute Stillness. Combining Yoga and Mindfulness practices Essence Yoga relieves stress, anxiety and tension, whilst offering a space for self-care and nourishment.