Our Teen years are wacky and wonderful times, full of potential, great change and many challenges, as we begin to grow and feel into who we are. The brain is expanding, the body developing, the mind can often feel pressured and stressed.

When in the hands of an experienced and wise teacher, Yoga meets the individual as and where they may find themselves, addressing the uniqueness of each and every one of us, our concerns and our particularities, our physical limitations.

Yoga for Teens encourages young adults to be at home with themselves, the way they are and the way they feel. By bringing us closer to our breath, Yoga increases our awareness of how we feel on a physical, mental and emotional level, and teaches important tools for balance, focus and resilience. Yoga has an important therapeutic application, by directly impacting the nervous system and calming deep reflexes of the body-mind, this ancient practice has been proven to beneficially aid many imbalances, illnesses and ailments (including pain management).

Yoga can be incorporated into the demands of Teens often busy and stressful lifestyle by offering some time for movement, quiet and rest.

As such we have the opportunity to effect our wellness, and in the words of Gary Kraftsow, “If we understand who we are, we can refine and improve how we feel no matter what our genetic predisposition.”