The practice of Yin Yoga is similar to a more ‘yang’ style of yoga (more active or dynamic) in as far as encouraging a connection between breath, body and mind and are concerned, but with a completely different focus; directing the attention to the connective tissues of the body (ligaments, tendons, bones and joints) which are normally not exercised in the more active approach to asana.

The practice is suitable for people of all ages and experience in yoga (both beginners and more advanced practitioners) and is the perfect complement for more ‘yang’-type activities (yoga or any other form of exercise) which focus more on building inner heat, stretching and strengthening the muscles.

Physical benefits

Yin yoga is in general mainly aimed at stimulating the lower body and areas surrounding the hips, pelvis and spine. It is also different in the fact that postures are maintained for much longer periods of time. Although at first glance the practice may appear more ‘passive’ it offers practitioners another degree of challenge, where holding the postures from anywhere between 1 to 5 minutes it opens up the chance to take a first step towards meditation.