Mindfulness is a way of life: a choice to be fully alive in the present moment, no projection or judgement. Letting go of needing to control our personal experience at any given moment. 
This is all good and well when things are going well in life, yet a very different story when the going gets tough: pain, loss, anxiety, stress. The body keeps the score, and yet we tend to hide or disguise unpleasant experiences by getting busy, looking for distractions or numbing out with substances (food, alcohol, tobaco, drugs...)

Mindfulness is a practice. We are all aware of the importance of exercise and hygiene for a healthy, efficient body. Yet do we pay the same care and attention to our minds? 

When we learn to take a pause, take a breath and connect to what is happening both inside and out, right here and now, we can start to calm our nervous system. Learning to feel from the inside out any feelings of tension in the body or mind. 

Increasing self-awareness; our thought patterns, our emotional world, our habitual reactions, leads to valuable self-knowledge. When we know ourselves better, we have valuable insight and tools. We can meet the more challenging times in our lives with greater balance, and serenity, learning to process each moment with tranquility and efficiency.

Mindfulness in English

Certified as an Instructor of Mindfulness (Practicum MBSR) with the Instituto EsMindfulness of Barcelona, I offer courses of Mindfulness in English and Spanish online and face-to-face. Courses can be prescribed in MBSR format, or tailor-made more intensive, shorter courses.

Please contact me:
amanda@essenceyoga.esfor a free orientation meeting and for further information.