Mindfulness is an ancient practice, which can actually be understood as a way of life: choosing to purposely pay attention to the present moment, without judgement or filters of any kind, and without a need to manipulate, change or control our personal experience at any given moment. Mindfulness is the cultivation of body and mind, so we may live fully, in the here and now.

Historically, Mindfulness has its roots in ancient Buddhist meditation disciplines, however it is an inclusive practice, open to all, accessible and applicable to any situation.

Today Mindfulness is a buzz word, made familiar and scientifically demonstrated by the great work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and the University of Massachusetts (USA), over thirty years ago. However, there are now many faculties, hospitals, and specialist mindfulness research centres around the world continuing to investigate and study the benefits of Mindfulness to human well-being, health and happiness.

Originally prescribed to hospital patients to better combat the pain and stress associated with their illness, Mindfulness courses have today reached out across all ambients to embrace many other fields and environments including education, psychology, business and sport.

Through the traditional mind and body practices of meditation and yoga, dialogue and group dynamics, a mindfulness course teaches us to directly connect to the experience at hand (whether it be pleasant, difficult or inexpressible), and to any sensations in the body, thoughts or feelings that might have arisen.

By deliberately placing our awareness on what is happening at each moment, encouraging non-judgement, kindness and compassion, we gradually develop a sense of inner balance; encouraging greater self-observation, curiosity and equanimity.

Increasing awareness of the self; our thought patterns, our emotional world, our habitual reactions, leads to valuable self-knowledge. When we know ourselves better, we are able to recognise the connection between our thoughts and emotions, providing valuable insight and tools, so that when we meet the more challenging times in our lives, we may live with greater balance, and serenity, learning to process each moment with tranquility and efficiency.

Mindfulness in English

Certified as an Instructor of Mindfulness (Practicum MBSR) with the Instituto EsMindfulness of Barcelona, I offer courses of Mindfulness in English and Spanish in Barcelona and other parts of Spain. Courses can be prescribed in an eight-week MBSR format, or tailor-made more intensive, shorter courses over a weekend retreat or once monthly.

Please contact me for a free orientation meeting and for further information.