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Conny Hübner, yoga ESADE 2015-present


“Yoga as a physical activity has many benefits that you can find everywhere today. Yoga with Amanda is much more than just physical. In her classes, she gently introduces elements of Mindfulness, her lovely voice helping you disconnect from the outside world, and just be with yourself; forming a deep connection with your body and feelings, calming and even re-educating your mind.
The benefits of yoga with Amanda reach far beyond the physical, you improve the way you handle stress, learning to take a foot off the accelerator, controlling your mind, learning to choose priorities and find your way in the world. After each session you come away with a greater sense of happiness, inner calm, gratitude, humility, strength and confidence. It is a true gift to yourself.”

Ruth Malgà, Yin Yoga student 2012-present


“Yin Yoga with Amanda is the yoga of presence, and patience. I love arriving in class, to feel open, to breathe and to flow.
After quite a few years of practicing yin yoga with Amanda, I can clearly feel the effects that the practice has had on me. A greater openness at a physical level, where slowly, and gradually my body has opened up quite surprisingly. This “openness” over time has also expanded to include other areas. It is a slow and deep practice, and one with a long road ahead, where the effects reach far beyond the physical plane, and move into the subtle areas of the mind and emotions.
For me Yin Yoga has been a way of finding my centre. Knowing who and where I am and valuing every moment, as unique and unrepeatable. It is a way to feel more harmonious with the present moment, and love more fully and mindfully. Personally it has greatly helped me to learn to be more patient.”

Laurence Anne Mickalonis. Yoga retreats Catalunya 2014, Lanzarote 2015


“Feeling warm in my heart and warm in my body! There is nothing better than a yoga practice with Amanda to feel renewed both physically and mentally. On retreat each place is magical, and you get a chance to meet wonderfully hospitable and open people. You feel reconnected with the world, with nature and with yourselves. Thank you so much for caring for us in this way!”

Ric Ferraro. Yoga classes 2013


“Amanda is a truly inspiring yoga instructor and a mile apart from any other I’d experienced. Not only does she have a natural empathy that allows her to fine tune into the mental and body state of her students but her soothing voice is the perfect accompaniment to the ying postures. Relaxing during her class comes natural and I’ve had a distinct improvement in wellbeing as a result of attending over the last years.”

Nicola Follis. Yoga retreat Lanzarote 2013


“Nicola I attended a yoga retreat that Amanda organised in Lanzarote and from Day 1 her positive energy, kindness and giving spirit really shone through, as she guided  and inspired all the students through both yin and yang styles of yoga. The students came from different countries and with different levels of yoga practice and experience – but Amanda quickly helped us all feel comfortable, creating a warm and supportive environment for each of us to develop at our own pace, whilst always encouraging us to challenge ourselves. The retreat was a wonderful way to start my new year and reinvigorate my yoga practice, whilst also learning new things – and that was in no small part to Amanda’s teaching style and the example she set in her own practice.”

Pia Klubb Fasmer. Yoga retreat Lanzarote 2013


“I was so fortunate to experience Amanda´s yoga teachings on a retreat in Lanzarote New Years 2013. Amanda has a natural way of being, and her joy, sensitivity and sense of grounding make the space feel safe and held inside and outside the yoga room. I experienced her way of facilitating Vinyasa and Yin Yoga with great depth when guiding anatomical alignment cues together with the emotional and spiritual aspect of yoga. Her way of connecting with students is very respectful and empathic, and her classes are both light and deep, inspiring in a natural poetic flow. If you want an authentic, highly skilled and well-balanced yoga teacher both personally and professionally, I highly recommend Amanda.”