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Balancing Yin and Yang
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Introducing Essence Yoga

ESSENCE: The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character. Origin: late Middle English: via Old French from Latin essentia, from esse ‘be’.

Take a deliciously, long and slow breath in, feel it fill you to the brim, and slowly let it go, allowing everything to become soft and formless and savouring a little drop of essence. Our essence. Our nature. Essence Yoga is a way for me to share a little drop of my own essence and hopefully to help you touch into yours, and to enjoy it. Here is a space to share a wonderful path such as this one. Read a little more here about me, yoga and a common passion.


Yin Yoga Thursdays in Sant Gervasi!

Yin Yoga

I am delighted to offer a new class of Yin Yoga Thursdays in Sant Gervasi! Classes will begin on Thursday 11th January 2018 from 12-15-13-30h and are open to all levels, yoga practitioners and complete beginners. Each week there
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"A flower doesn't stop herself from blooming because she fears that she'll be too beautiful, colourful or fragrant" (Sara Avant Stover) Wisdom in nature
Wisdom in nature

Bright, Beautiful and Impermanent

Yoga Lifestyle

Wandering out onto the balcony I come face to face with the most amazing sight; a late autumn surge of heat has stimulated the plants and flowers on the terrace to bloom and illuminate to
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A little Zen wisdom to share

Yoga Lifestyle
zen wisdom clear mind, easy breath

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor…” – Thich Naht Hanh

  • I have always stood up for the idea that when it comes to yoga group practice the teacher's personal dimension is at least as important as the lineage, style and yoga techniques at stake. Amanda's sessions are amongst the best I have ever attended due precisely to the overwhelming personal component driving a focused and technically impeccable practice.

    Ferran Muiños, June 2014

  • Amanda is a truly inspiring yoga instructor and a mile apart from any other I'd experienced. Not only does she have a natural empathy that allows her to fine tune into the mental and body state of her students but her soothing voice is the perfect accompaniment to the ying postures.

    Ric Ferraro

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Yin Yoga


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